Community Engagement

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Carpe Diem MusiCare
Free performances at senior communities, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, hospice centers, hospitals, Alzheimer care units, and incarcerated populations.

Music Goes 2 School
Up close and personal—the quartet interacts with K-12 students, a musical experience for the entire classroom! Carpe Diem also works with school string programs in side-by-side, sectional, masterclass, and individual instruction settings.

Music from the Start
Concerts for children at Head Start Centers offering a quality musical experience to preschool-aged children—at no charge to the facility or parents.

Free Family Concerts
An hour of intimate, interactive music making, 1:00 PM Sundays on concert weekends. With the younger listener in mind, Carpe Diem engages the audience with playful musical selections, discussion, and Q&A.