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What do members get? Access to all recordings, and many of our old and new videos of performances. You can watch and/or listen to dozens of old concerts, our professional recordings, and concerts that took place all over the world. But there is more! Follow the individual members and hear some of their recitals and concerts. Interested in getting to know the four individuals who make up CDSQ? This is the place to do it! There will also be special "podcast style" interviews, interesting articles and links, and more. There will be something new every single month.

How much does it cost? $7.99 per month - about the price of two cups of coffee, and you get access to all this amazing archival and new material. And your subscription helps support CDSQ. This membership support will allow us to continue bringing you the music you love and to help us continue our community programs that we believe in, including our in school concerts, events at nursing homes and other care facilities, and the work we do as teachers, mentors and educators.

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